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Strap leafed plants

This is a list of the most popular strap leafed plants that we grow, it is not yet complete and you should go to our page of new designer grasses for more information on new Lomandra and Carex species.


Dieties Bicolour  Dieties Bicolour
Dietes grandiflora  Dietes bicolor 

Dietes are a very flexible clumping plant that performs in a wide range of conditions. The varieties above represent the most popular and durable varieties in the market. They can be used as mass planting in commercial planting or as highlight planting in home gardens



Hymenocallis littoralis Hymenocalis Littoralis and speciosa Hymenocallis speciosa
Hymenocallis speciosa Hymenocallis littoralis [left] and speciosa [right] Hymenocallis littoralis
Hymenocallis are very hardy lilies that will grow in sun or shade. They both feature a white spider like flower in profusion in spring. They are very useful in the landscape in sun or shade. Hymenocallis littoralis is often used as an edge plant while the larger growing Hymenocallis speciosa is more useful as a filler in the garden.


liriope evergreen giant   Ophiopogon Stripey White
Liriope Evergreen Giant   Ophiopogon Stripey White

The choice of many landscapers because they just won't die. They love dry conditions and will happily survive in median strips in hot, dry, harsh conditions with masses of exhaust fumes. In better conditions they are simply spectacular for creating edging, mass planting, pots or textural groups. There are lots of types to choose from but the most popular are Evergreen Giant, a tall form or muscari a dwarf form. Neither of these two are running forms and have excellent flowers  as well. Stripey White is a name associated with Liriope but it is in fact an Ophiopogon intermedia. 

Lomandra Verday Pbr

Lomandra Verday Pbr

Lomandra Verday is a recent introduction and I think it is one of the best new Lomandra that I have seen. I was recommended this plant by a nurseryperson in Darwin who said he had found it to be one of the best Lomandra that he had grown. When you consider the heat and humidity in the Northern Territory you can see how it would easily transfer to Queensland conditions. It is a smaller grower than Lomandra Hystrix and has a finer narrower leaf.


 Tulbaghia violacea in it's plain and variegated forms is a small clumping plant that grows to about 3-400mm. Both are very tough and will handle tough position such as median strips and roundabouts with ease. The foliage and flowers exude a strong garlic fragrance especially when crushed.


Tulbugia violacea Tulbugia flower Tulbugia violacea varigated
Tulbaghia violacea Tulbaghia flower [ same for both varieties ] Tulbaghia violacea variegata

Ophiopogon (Mondo grass)

Mondo grass is a staple in many landscapes. The most popular form is Ophiopogon japonicus nana the dwarf form. It can be used planted amongst pavers as a feature or as amongst rocks to soften the impact.

Ophiopogon intermedians variegata is one of the most popular plants we grow. It grows to 700mm and can be used as a silver highlight.

ophiopogon japonicus

Ophiopogon japonicus mini mondo Ophiopogon Stripey White Black Mondo

Ophiopogon japonicus

Ophiopogon japonicus nana

Ophiopogon intermedians variegata

Ophiopogon Black Mondo

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One of the best native clumping plants for sun and shade Dianella is available in a range of forms and styles. Dianella atraxis is a form that is not often used that has broad leaves and blue flowers.

Dianella caerulea

Dianella ensiformis varigated

Dianella caerulea

Probably the most versatile of the native Dianella and uniquely suited for South East Queensland

Dianella ensiformis Silver Streak

Though it gives an amazing statement when first planted it does not survive well in Queensland - Ophiopogon Stripey White is a  better alternative.