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        Lomandra longifolia    Lomandra Hystrix    Lomandra Verday

This range of Lomandra both new and old allows the designer to create texture and colour with plants that are suited to our environment. the plants in the photo below are 300mm and 200mm specimens grown in the nursery, we have found that the 300mm are excellent for making a bold statement in the landscape  The plants in this photo are Lomandra Crackerjack, Verday, Kiera, and Tilga with a Lomandra Hystrix for comparison.


Lomandra hystrix

Lomandra hysterix

lomandra hystrix  

Lomandra hystrix is one of the original species that have been used in Queensland landscapes with remarkable success for years.  It has a shiny deep green leaf that cascades from about 1m. They grow in creek beds where they are frequently covered in flood water but are also quite happy in drier areas. L. hystrix has a distict trident end to the leaf.  In larger areas they can be used in conjunction with Lomandra Tilga and Lomandra Crackerjack to create swathes of different texture. 

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Lomandra longifolia

lomandra longifolia

Lomandra longifolia

Lomandra longifolia is also one of the species that have been commonly used in landscape for years. It has a lighter green foliage, it lies moisture in the soil for growth and can tolerate flooding but will survive quite happily in dry conditions.

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Lomandra Verdaypbr

Lomandra verday

Lomandra Verday lomandra_verday_2

Lomandra Verdah is a new variety of Lomandra that we have been trialing, It has a finer leaf then L. hystrix and L. longifolia and grows smaller. The flowers are small and held in close to the base of the plant and it is not as dense as L. Tilga. I think it will prove to be a hardy addition to the Lomandra that are suitable for Queensland. [photo of median courtesy of Ramm Horticulture]

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