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This page has information on the most common groundcovers we have available in the nursery and we will be updated in the coming months with our favourite groundcovers

Acalypha reptans      Casuarina Prostrate     Dichondra    Helichrysum     Pratia    Scaevola

Acalypha reptans


Acalapha reptans Acalapha reptans
A very tough groundcover for sun or part shade, it features a catkin not a flower. It is very fast growing and very hardy. It spreads by sending down roots from nodes where they touch the ground but with minimal maintenance it can be controlled in specified areas.

Casuarina glauca prostrate


Casuarina glauca prostrate is a she oak that we found in Victoria and have trailed in Queensland over the last few years. It is suitable for use in groundcover situations such as banks and over walls as well as on median strips and roundabouts.

It needs care to establish but once established is very hardy. We have trialed it in areas with poor soil and with minimal care and it has proved itself.
The photo of foliage cascading down the wall was one of the first plantings we did about 8 years ago, some plants had been removed so we recently replaced them so we will have a green veil down the wall.

Once it is established it will help reduce weeds by smothering the soil.

It is available in 140mm and 200mm pots.


Dichondra are very hardy spreading groundcovers that are suitable for sun and shade positions. They can be used as a matting groundcover in a range of landscape styles. The original form is Dichondra repens, it has small rounded leaves and has been used as a lawn substitute in some situations.

Recently a silver grey form has become increasing popular in ornamental horticulture, it's name, Silver Falls, is well deserved as it features cascading silver foliage. Grown in pots the result can be quite spectacular but it can also be used as a stunning groundcover.

Dichondra repens

Dicondra repens dicondra repens 

Dichondra Silver Falls 

Dichondra  Dichondra Silver falls 

Helichrysum ramosissima

Helichrysum is also known as Chrysacephalum apiculatum is a very hardy groundcover for full sun or part shade. It matts over the ground creating a dense groundcover that continually flowers throughout the warmer months.

Helichrysum  Helichrysum 

Pratia Pedunculata

Pratia is a fast growing groundcover that will mat across a garden in sun or part shade. It has small starry white flowers. It is best in well drained positions.

Pratia pedunculata  Pratia 

Scaevola aemula Purple Fanfare

This is a very fast growing, hardy groundcover, the large mauve flowers are massed in early spring and throughout the warmer months. In this garden they are mixed with Agapanthus and this garden they are mixed with Agapanthus and Dietes bicolour but they fit into native garden designs as well.

Scavolea ameula Purple fanfare Scavoela purple fanfare flower