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Myrtle rust is a new fungal pest that effects all Myrtacea species. It has only been found in Queensland  in recent times but has caused a flurry of activity by the Queensland Government, Bio security and the Nurseryman's Association ( the NGIQ) in an attempt to reduce the spread of this fungus.

Aspley Nursery has instituted the Nursery Management Plan as recommended by the industry body for wholesale nurseries. This means that it will effect the way we do business. The major issues that will effect our clients are

  1. If you visit our sites you will need to advise that you are visiting us and the estimated time, leave your vehicle in the designated area, use the foot bath at the nursery entrance, and proceed to the nursery office.

  2. In general we will not allow visitors to walk around the nursery unless accompanied by a staff member and approved to do so by the partners.

  3. All deliveries are to be left in the designated area at the front of the nursery where they are to be sprayed with approved fungicides.

  4. We will accept NO returns at all after stock has left the nursery site.

At Aspley Nursery we are taking every precaution we can to ensure that our nursery remains Myrtle Rust free. Our trucks are sprayed internally and externally on a daily basis and we are only dealing with nurseries that have a management plan in place. Both of our sites are sprayed with fungicides every 2 weeks which ensures that all fungal species are treated.

I believe that the controls we have put in place will help manage the problem and allow us to keep the high quality we are always striving to achieve with out product. I have attached links to several government sites that will allow you to access more information if you wish.


Noel Percy  

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