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This is the range of Cordyline terminalis and fruiticosa  that we believe are the best for landscape use. We have selected them to give a range of colours and styles that will suit most gardens. In general ,light shade is best for these plants but some such as Cordyline terminalis rubra will happily grow in sunny positions once acclimatised. Cordyline Negra and Pink Diamond are tall growing sun varieties that make excellent impact plants and will grow 2-3m. 

Cordylines in general prefer a moist to dry environment and can be pruned heavily to encourage fresh new growth in mid Spring.


cordyline house


The above Photo is our Cordyline production area Most of our Cordylines are grown in started in this area and from here hardier species that will tolerate the sun are moved into our outdoor growing areas and  sun hardened. All of our larger growing Cordylines such as C. negra and C. Pink Diamond are started here in 200mm and sun hardened in 300mm. This means that when they arrive at your landscape site the plants will be sun hardened and ready to plant.
cordyline wileys gold  cordyline rubra
Cordyline Wilys Gold is a broad leafed multi coloured Cordyline that prefers semi shade but will survive in sunny positions. Cordyline terminalis Rubra is one of the staples of landscapers and designers and for good reason as it is one of the hardiest and most colourful Cordylines in sun and shade.
cordyline kiwi  cordyline Miss Andrea 
Cordyline terminalis Kiwi is one of the earliest produced Cordylines and is still very popular. It will grow to about 1m and will multi stem forming a metre diameter clump, it's hardy in semi shade and will take some sun. Cordyline Miss Andrea is an extraordinarily coloured Cordyline with cream pale green and brown markings. It will grow about 1m and tends to be a multi stemmed plant, it will grow in full sun or semi shade
cordyline Pink Diamond  cordyline negra 
Cordyline Pink Diamond is a large bold Cordyline tending to a single stem and growing 2m plus. Pruning will encourage multiple stems and a dense habit. It will grow in full sun or semi shade. Cordyline Negra is one of our favorite Cordylines with it's large dark red almost black foliage. It will grow 2m plus in sun or shade and can be pruned to create a multi stemmed plant. 

Cordyline australe forms

Cordyline australis Red Sensation 

Cordyline australe Red Sensation  

One of the most popular of the red australe forms single stems initially but will multi stem if the growing tip is damaged and also as it grow older. 

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