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 Strelitzia at Aspley Nursery

One of natures toughest plants Strelitzia can be used in many innovative ways. In general Strelitzia is a strap leaf plant that depending on the species selected can be a small clumping shrub or a large tree. All of the Strelitzia are very hardy and will grow in full sun or semi shade. They are an ideal plant to use in dry conditions as they thrive in dry areas where other plants fail but they will also grow in moist well drained conditions. The flowers of Strelitzia are a feature, long lasting and vibrant they can lift a landscape and they have the added bonus of being excellent cut flowers.

Strelitzia  Mandella

Strelitzia  Mandella Strelitzia  Mandella Strelitzia  Mandella

Strelitzia Mandella is the pure yellow variety of Strelitzia. It grows to a similar height to reginae with a slightly grey foliage. The flowers are held at the top of the foliage and last for weeks. Like all Strelitzia, it is hardy pest proof and loves dry conditions.


Strelitzia reginae 

Strelitzia regina flower Strelitzia reginae  Strelitzia reginae 
The best known of all the Strelitzia and commonly known as The Bird of Paradise reginae is often grown as a massed plant or  a feature plant in a structural  landscape. It is very hardy and survives in very difficult dry areas.

Strelitzia nicolai 

Strelitzia nicolai  Strelitzia nicolai  Strelitzia nicolai 

Strelitzia Nicolai is often used as a feature plant because of it's large banana like leaves. It has to be remembered that this Strelitzia will grow into a large tree with multi stems. It does need space to grow and some maintenance.  

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